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45102 Smurr St
Indio, CA 92201
United States


La Prensa Hispana is the only bilingual newspaper in the Coachella Valley and covers a wide region through southern California. It is your media source for the distinctively Latino perspective in the Coachella Valley and California. La Prensa Hispana Newspaper leads the Coachella Valley in Spanish/English Language Print Media Circulation Growth.



La Prensa Hispana has various devisions from The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to our Internet based media The Hispanic Voice, Here you can access all our branches and explore their benefits.


What does our logo mean? 

At its core our logo is the Aztec symbol for communication, it reflects the "moving tongue". We have blended it with the symbol for Sun which for us represents a new day. Just as news changes daily our media does as well. For us our logo is a direct connection to our identity and community. When you see La Prensa Hispana Logo across any of our media outlets and branches you can rest assured you are recieveing modern media that is still in touch with hispanic tradition and roots. 


The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The Hispanic Chamber of commerce is a modern day twist on traditional chambers. It offers members innovative solution for business networking by pairing its membership with the La Prensa Hispana newspaper, making it the only chamber that offers a news paper at its disposal. New members get the opportunity to send their message to our readership along with all the benefits of a active chamber. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is the only one of its kind in the Coachella Valley. 


The Puertas Hispanas website features a digital version of our newspaper for public viewing. This insures that our news reaches the world in a convenient and effective way. The Digital paper reaches over 12,000 members through email and countless others from its website.

la-prenssa-bullet-identity-vector.jpg is the online news feed of our popular newspaper La Prensa Hispana. You can find popular online news stories here. is a innovative website that utilizes contributors throughout the nation and the world all of which provide a distinctive and authentic voice regarding the issues that face hispanics today.