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45102 Smurr St
Indio, CA 92201
United States


La Prensa Hispana is the only bilingual newspaper in the Coachella Valley and covers a wide region through southern California. It is your media source for the distinctively Latino perspective in the Coachella Valley and California. La Prensa Hispana Newspaper leads the Coachella Valley in Spanish/English Language Print Media Circulation Growth.


Our Audience

La Prensa Hispana is targeted at the 4 groups, Spanish only, predominately Spanish, Spanish & English and Some Spanish-Predominately English. This strategy encompasses 87% of the Hispanic market. La Prensa Hispana also reaches the 13% English only Hispanic grouping through its English content.

The Coachella Valley is one of the fastest growing areas in the State of California and includes La Quinta and Indio which have been named as the fastest growing cities in California. The Coachella Valley has surpassed the 380,566 population mark and residents swell to half-a million at various times throughout the year. The sudden increases in population vary from internationally attended events primarily between October and April to the influx of hundreds of thousands of agricultural related workers who arrive between May and August of each year. La Prensa Hispana is cognizant of the tremendous influx of one of our primary readership base during the summer months and adjusts its targeted distributions accordingly. This is a unique practice characteristic of  La Prensa Hispana and a reason for its leadership role. The Hispanic population in the Coachella Valley although officially listed at 51%, 194,088 goes beyond that number due to several factors including census undercounts and agricultural migration. East Valley cities Indio and Coachella have over a 75% Hispanic population and certain West Valley areas such as Cathedral City, Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs are quickly approaching the 65% mark. High Desert areas are quickly becoming Hispanic strongholds.

Where as the generic formula for readership for English newspapers locally is 3.0 readers per copy, the accepted formula for Spanish readership is 4.0 due to larger families and continued circulation of the newspaper at localities such as markets and restaurants.

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